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Welcome to H.I.T.S Financial

H.I.T.S Financial provides its clients with an unprecedented experience. We offer specialized accounting support and services which allow our clients to focus on their businesses and personal lives. We have been leaders in the tax industry since 1993. Our team of knowledgeable tax practitioners work diligently to remain in compliance with IRS rules and regulations with the highest of professional standards.

A Glimpse of the Services We Offer

Bookkeeping and Payroll Services and PPP and EIDL Grants and Loans

We take on the task of classifying, recording and organizing financial transactions made through the course of your business operations. We offer fast, easy and affordable payroll services. We also specialize in PPP, EIDL loans and loan forgiveness. Let us help you grow your business!

Business and Individual Tax Preparation

We stay up-to-date on all regulatory and legislative tax developments. Once you connect with us you do not have to waste time, money or energy trying to make sense of the accounting complexities.

Tax Planning for Businesses and Individuals

We are here for you when you do not know where to start. We assist our clients in lowering their tax liabilities, reducing and eliminating unnecessary expenditures, and creating solid financial foundations. Our tax planning services allow you to manage your finances through advanced planning of your taxes, retirement, and investments.

Tax Resolution and Tax Relief 

Over the last 28 years, we have been industry leaders in tax and debt resolution. We offer viable solutions for taxpayers to eliminate, reduce, or negotiate their tax debt. We do so ethically and professionally. We have a proven track record with the IRS.